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Communities around the world have watched with horror and frustration as Americans continue to suffer extreme loss and grief due to gun violence. Many nations around the globe have instituted comprehensive firearm safety already and with impressive results, and many people find  it difficult to understand the political climate within the U.S. on the issue. In response, global citizens have expressed a willingness to share their stories of success and hope, and express support for change in the U.S.

Women’s March Global proposes that worldwide youth-led solidarity events coordinate to not only support the change-makers within the U.S., but also to challenge the narrative that gun violence is a part of modern life.  We want to empower students to tell the stories of what life is like in countries where firearm legislation is restricted, and what effect that has on their lives. We also want to make available multiple means for students and their supporters to stand together in support of their peers in the U.S. and throughout the world.



To stand in solidarity with the youth-led actions happening in the U.S. in protest of the 17 killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the wider gun violence issue, Women’s March Global is facilitating a Global student-led #Enough campaign, culminating on the 23rd and 24th of March. These solidarity actions will vary from school to school and will be student-led, with support of school administrators.

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We are planning a coordinated demonstration of support for the students meeting legislators in Washington, DC. through #MarchForOurLives. All solidarity events may register here.

  • School events to take place on Friday 23 March, and community events on Sat 24 March. (Youth should alter these dates if necessary to suit their school schedules.)

  • Students may approach student councils and school administrators to gain cooperation.  A letter explaining the project has been prepared for their use.

  • Solidarity events may take several forms, and the following are suggestions.  Students should be encouraged to find projects that work within their community and interests.  Ideas can be found in our letter to student councils and educators. Resources have been compiled for educators, including lesson plans and a Powerpoint presentation.

  • Youth may decide to organise outside of school, creating physical demonstrations of support or social media activities with their peer groups and broader community.

  • Social media campaigns may also be supported independently

    • #BoycottNRA is a movement to contact financial supporters of the National Rifle Association.

    • Post a selfie and message of support to social media with the hashtags: #Enough #WhatIf #MarchForOurLives


  • Social media storm of solidarity for the National School Walkout

  • #Enough tweetstorm (if no substantive changes have been made by this time)