Frankfurt, GERMANY

Women's March Frankfurt was very peaceful and spirited, diverse and inspiring. We had many families, and also many men join us. We had a strong turnout (for German standards) and it was unusual that so many different groups of people marched peacefully side by side. It was Germany's biggest march with over 2100 people marching.

After the march everybody came together for a rally with a big stage and band in front of the Römer (landmark city hall). Among the speakers were the local MP for female agenda, a black lives matter and a female muslim activists, a Somali poetry slammer and a famous fine artist known since the 70s for her feminist art. Heidelberg also had a strong turnout with approx. 1000 people. Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf and Hamburg were all marches with about 600-800 people each. The latter were all organized by DA members. Frankfurt and Heidelberg was grassroots.