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Host a Women’s March Global Live Viewing Event

While we would like everybody to participate in Women’s March Global Anniversary events in person, we understand that it is not always possible or practical. If you won’t be able to attend a event, you can still participate over the anniversary weekend by signing up to HOST or JOIN an official LIVE viewing party of Women’s March Global events happening around the world!

View the list of events live streaming below

(Please Note: Additional live streams are being added daily)

Pick an event you would like to organize your viewing party around

Read through the Women’s March Global Live guidelines below 

Sign up your Women’s March Live viewing party HERE


Women's march live faq

Your Womens March Live event is your community's viewing party centered around the live webcast of any official Women's March event. View List Above

This LIVE event can be as small or large as you decide and can take place in your home, community center or school.


event Name

The name of your event will be "Women’s March Global (name of your neighborhood or street) Live".

Sign Up

In order to get your Live event listed on our official Women’s March Global map please fill out this short form.


Women’s March Live events can be hosted during at any point during the Women’s March Anniversary, January 20 -January 21, and can be hosted around any of the official Women’s March live streams.


Your audience is anybody from your community who wants to get together to celebrate, protest or discuss the issues the Women’s March Community cares about. You are welcome to invite a live speaker to your Women’s March Live Viewing Party. As an experiment we ask that if possible you video your local speaker and share it on social media under the #WomensMarchLive.


There is no limit for the size of your Women’s March Live viewing party. How many people you invite is up to you.


You can find the official Women’s March logo and guidelines HERE. Please remember to add the word LIVE after your name.

Social Media

If you are hosting or attending a Women’s March Live event we ask that you help us amplify our collective voice on social media by:

  • Amplify our collective voice on social media by sharing the Women’s March Global live stream on your Facebook page and tagging your friends.
  • Live tweet the Global live stream using the hashtag #WomensMarchLive and be sure to include the location you are live tweeting about!
  • Share your Women’s March Global Live event by creating an event page on Facebook.  Invite your friends and family to the event.  Use your event page to take pictures and share posts during your Live viewing party. Be sure to use the hashtag #WomensMarchLive
  • If you have a speaker at your Women’s March Global Live event, live tweet their talk and share the speaker's message with the rest of the global community. Send us the video HERE and we will upload it to our Women’s March Global YouTube Channel. 
  • Send us images of your Women’s March Global Live event to action@wmglobal.org
  • Spread your Live event and our Global live stream far and wide and be part of the Women’s March Global Community.
  • After your event write up a brief story for the Women’s March Global Medium Channel and submit it to uma@womensmarch.com. Telling our global story is an important and powerful way to ensure we are heard.