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JAN 20-21 2018

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Women’s March Global is proud and excited to announce the pledge and campaign that will carry us into 2018: Look Back, March Forward.

Look Back, March Forward will be a celebration of the achievements of this global network held worldwide and a pledge to renewed and continued resistance in 2018. We will pledge to commit not only to marching, but direct action and engagement so that we can bring forth real change in our Global and local communities. There are three ways you can participate:

1. Organise a March or Action

If you would like to host a march or action in your local area or are already planning a march or action please let us know. Please fill out this Google Form or email: or

Many of the marches and actions being planned are also live streaming some or all of their events. We are planning on aggregating all these lives streams, across a 48 hour period, on Facebook and We will be releasing live streaming instructions within the next few weeks.

2. Join a March or Action

View the map above or list below and click through to an event in your area to join.

3. Help Amplify our Global Women’s March Voice

Join Women’s March Global on social media on the weekend of 20th — 21st Jan 2018 and share your stories of resistance on our social media channels by:

  1. Recording a video talking about your year of resistance and the pledge of action you will take for 2018. Use the hashtag #LookBackMarchForward and #ThisIsGlobal.

  2. Emailing us images of your action or event in real time

  3. Sharing our livestream and other actions with your network!

4. Join us for our Global Live Stream!

We will be sharing our live stream on our Women's March Global Facebook as well as on - stay tuned for more information!



On January 21, 2017, over six million women and allies, in over 600 cities, on every continent, joined forces to march for women’s rights and human rights. Women’s March Global came together after the march and we have formed a grassroots coalition of sister marches that have continued to mobilise and push forward with this work of resistance. Our sister marches stood against hate in global elections and rallied to get women to vote; they have shared the stories of refugees and asylum seekers; they have demanded an end to violence against women and girls worldwide; and they have resisted the rise of the xenophobia and nationalism that is taking place across the world.

We are a grassroots coalition and we have together built a network that continues to unite and fight for the freedom and liberation of all people worldwide. Recently we ended our 16 Days of Global campaign that saw stories of this movement being shared far and wide, and a global campaign to End Slavery in Libya reach over 1 Million people — and we are just getting started.

This resistance needs all of us, every day, fighting for the collective liberation of all people. Because none of us are free until ALL of us are free.




- Africa -

Accra, Ghana

Nairobi, Kenya

Abuja, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria

Kampala, Uganda

Lusaka, Zambia (Page Coming Soon)

- ASIA -

Beijing, China

Shanghai, China

Saipan, CNMI

Osaka, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (Page Coming Soon)

Taipei, Taiwan (Page Coming Soon)

Bangkok, Thailand


- middle east -




- North AMERICA -