Oaxaca, MEXICO

At the invitation of Engage Oaxaca, 2000-3000 protesters gathered in front of Santo Domingo de Guzmán to march to the Alameda de León carrying banners with expressions of repudiation of racism and sexism by the new president of the United States. In addition to slogans demanding respect for women's rights, American citizens opposed the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico.

Kathie McCleskey, noted that there are a large number of people from the United States who live long periods in Oaxaca, who are outraged by the president's policy because the treatment they have received from the Mexican nation has always been warmth.

"Many of Mexico's problems with its economy are caused by US policies ... many of the Mexican migrants there are in danger and we want deportation to stop," said Jackie Gordon, a member of Engage Oaxaca.