Season of Love
Inside Pussy Riot



Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot is currently doing a Kickstarter Campaign for her immersive theatre installation in London. "This theatrical experience will allow the audience to become a participant, experiencing exactly what Pussy Riot went through during our imprisonment - from the original Church performance, to the court trial and prison cells. We're going to recreate Russian courtrooms, a real Russian labour colony, solitary confinement cells, priests who shout about banning abortions and many more absurd, but real-life things that exist in Russia today.

The audience will actually get the chance to re-live each one of these experiences themselves, learning what it means to be a political opponent in Russia today. We’ll take you on a journey from the cathedral altar deep into the vaults of the Kremlin itself. Hopefully, this is a journey that you’ll only have to make once in your life.

We're hoping that this production will be funded by regular people from around the world who are excited about the idea of political immersive theatre, and we need your help! All the money raised will be spent on renting the space, the set design, employing actors and staff for the show’s 6-week run and making those rooms in London look exactly like solitary confinement cells in the Russian prison I did my time in.

This is an important project that has immense educational value, especially given the trying times in which we are living and an increasingly scary political world order." - Nadya Tolokonnikova