Women's March Saskatoon:
Round Table Discussion on Gender-Based Wage Gap

Friday 28th April, 2017

9am-11.30, Food Bank & Learning Centre

RSVP: womensmarchsaskatoon@gmail.com

Saskatchewan, Canada, is a province of approximately 1.098 million people, with a geographic area four times the size of France.  It is sometimes known as the world's breadbasket, the world's largest producer of Potash and Uranium, with massive oil and natural gas industries.    

In common with much of the world, there is a vast gap between the wages earned by Women and Men.  Canada deals with law-making both Federally and Provincially and on neither level has there been a great deal of headway to achieve Equal Pay, despite incredibly hard work and efforts within provinces across the country and in Ottawa.  Within the province of Saskatchewan, the discussion has largely been activism on a local level, with minimal cross-sector collaboration since the early 2000s.  

Women's March Saskatoon have set themselves the task to get the wheels back in motion on the issue of the Gender Based Pay Gap in Saskatchewan.  There are discussions to be had, links to be forged and aims to be established.  To get things going we have organised an open Round Table discussion, open in the sense that we have striven to invite groups from a range of work sectors, age ranges and experiences. There is much work to be done and this is just the beginning, but we feel that this is an essential continuation of our work after the March on the 21st January, 2017.