Les Femmes Ont Le Pouvoir / Women Have the Power

The future of women and girls in Europe is in the hands of French Women. And it is happening now. From 20th April onward throughout the period of the French elections, we call on the Women of France to stand up and use their power; if not for them, for women all over the world.

Women of France make up 53% of the voting population and it is crucial that they vote in this election.

Marine Le Pen is a danger to the women of France and of Europe. As a European MP, Marine Le Pen was involved in all the attempts to stop women’s rights’ development in Europe. Marine Le Pen is not and never has been a women’s rights activist.

We know that when women unite, mountains can be moved. We have seen this many times in history before. Women in France did not get the power to vote until 1944. To not use the power of voting that was fought over hundreds of years in France would be a mistake. We call on you to use your power, use your voice, use your vote. The stakes of the rights of women and girls in France could not be higher.

We ask you to stand with us in support of the Women of France in Freedom, Equality, and Sorority.

What you can do to support French Women:

Step 1: Show your Support on Social Media

  • Tweet your support with the hashtag #LesFemmesOntLePouvoir and/or #WomenHaveThePower

  • Video or take a photo showing your support: Say (or write) the words “Les Femmes Ont Le Pouvoir” or “Women Have the Power” and encourage French women to vote. Not necessarily for themselves but for women and girls in Europe and worldwide.

Step 2: Dedicate your Weekend to Supporting your French Friends and Family: (For Sat 22nd / Sun23rd of April)

  • Email your friends/call your French friends to encourage them to vote

  • Share the social media hashtags with your community : #LesFemmesOntLePouvoir and/or #WomenHaveThePower

  • ­Record a video with your friends and family supporting the women of France.

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